Friday, 27 June 2014

Photo less still.....

Hello lovelies, thank you for putting up with my photo free posts.....still no luck on the laptop front, but, wanted to say 'hi'

I have made some pretty purple and lilac triangle bunting, using the pattern from 'Lucy' recently featured in Simply Crochet....they are currently pinned to the ironing board after a blocking and will be put in a row over the weekend....

I have been making squares for my granny sofa blanket and working out a flower pattern for a friend.

The weather has been a delight, so trying to make the most of it.....making endless lists as we approach the busy end of term time and plenty of cakes to make for work.

Weekend baking will be the usual batch of cookies to last the week and then scones for Saturday afternoon snack then rhubarb crumble for pud on Sunday....I'll happily share any of the recipes if you give me a shout......

Enjoy your weekend xxxxxxc

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  1. Aaarrghhh the lack of photos must be driving you bonkers ... big well done for forging ahead with the blog posts though! Hope you get it sorted soon


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