Saturday, 21 June 2014

Technology.....who needs it???

I do........

My laptop is officially on the scrapheap:(    it has been a handy little companion, rarely complaining, usually useful....a couple of years ago it caught a nasty virus and has never really recovered...

I can't use blogger on my Windows phone....I can't add photos to blog posts via my for the moment, photos are out and I'll have to try and amuse you with my writing!!

More disappointing is that I had agreed to take part in a blog hop and then had to pull out, hate disappointing people........

So in the meantime I have been baking, caking, coffee drinking and hooking....purple and lilac bunting is being hooked as a quick project as the huge granny stripe is a bit hot to work on in the day at the moment, a bit like snuggling under a blanket in 25 degrees Sun!!

I've been visiting new blogs, which is great, reading when possible, currently a classic Cider with Rosie after several Lee Child 'Reacher' books.....such fast paced reads, absolutely love them....

Lots happenings at school, nursery, work, day trips, housework, husband, planning, birthday parties.......normal life I guess..

So, With no photos to delight I will bore you no more, roll on the sales when a brand, spanking, shiny new laptop will be grasped in my mucky paws once more :)



  1. Hi Niki, thanks for your comment and kind words. I sympathise with the laptop troubles and hope they are sorted soon. I'm just bought a copy of Cider With Rose, I'm looking forward to reading it.
    Gillian x

    1. Gillian, technology is a pain when it doesn't work!! Trying to see if I can get my phone to post photos......will have a stack of posts to blog!! xx


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