Thursday, 8 January 2015


I saw this cute little pattern the other week whilst reading through Attic24 and I have to admit I love a poncho.  I do have one already, it is dark blue, from Next and has tassles and I really like and it does get quite a few comments....but, this one in Simply crochet is just fab....unfortunately issue 25 had left the shops, so I ordered it online, went over to Wool Warehouse to make my colour selection (they were running a 25% off discount) made my purchase and then got busy with the million other jobs that required my attention the week before Christmas...

So, now, I am all ready to go, wool, hooks, pattern, a couple of free hours...

I am using different colours to those in the magazine, my main colour is a light grey and then some nice greys, blues and a few brights to liven it up.....should be good....I'll keep you posted



  1. Oh it is a lovely pattern Niki, I have used Nepal wool-it really is very nice to work with.
    Hey, if you see any patterns in Simply crochet that you like just give me a shout first, if I'm not using it you are most welcome to my copy.

  2. I'm not really a poncho person ~ but after seeing Lucy's one I could possibly be swayed! The colours you have chosen are lovely :O)x


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