Friday, 2 January 2015

Baby Blanket......Da, Da, Da, Da, Da - Dah.........

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoyed a very pleasant has been completely hectic here, small children and Father Christmas, presents, chocolates, sweets....far too many toys.....

But, over the break I have managed to complete the Summer Baby Blanket. My nephew's baby is not due until the summer so I can pop it away in the box and know that my pressie for the new arrival is all sorted....I usually sow a small heart button into the corner of my blankets, but, as this is for a new born I have made a small crochet heart and attached that instead (Health and Safety at work!!)

So without further adue, please let me introduce you to the Summer Baby Blanket.....

It's not huge, but good for pram or car seat.

Technical info:

Wool   -   Stylecraft DK
Amount   -   Hard to say as all odd and ends from other projects
Hook   -   4mm
Pattern   -   Cosy Stripe by Lucy at Attic24
Time to make   -   quick
Experience Level   -   Easy

Byeeeee xx


  1. What a stunning baby blanket! It will be perfect to cover your lil' one yet, when he/she arrives in summer (congratulations btw!).

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

    1. Hello Anne and thank you....sorry if my post is misleading, but, baby is not mine!! Just a pressie for my nephew xx

  2. Niki, Happy New Year-hoping 2015 is super kind to you.
    You have made a beautiful blanket, they will love it, gorgeous colours and I love your border-and cute heart.
    Apart from being beautiful, baby blankets get so much use don't you think? so your little heirloom will appreciated.
    Helen x

  3. Sorry stupid autocorrect spelt my name wrong on last post and I clicked Publish a bit too speedily!
    Anyway, gist of it was lovely blanket, impressed how organised you are, and don't forget where you stash it :)
    ps autocorrect blooming did it again, luckily I checked first lol


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