Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bits and bobs are you all?  January is trying it's hardest to beat me, but, I am fighting back.....I don't know about you, but I seem to be all behind, what with a mad busy December, Christmas, New Year, Husband and kids off cleaning routine fell by the wayside and I have struggled to get back into 'normal' mode, whatever counts as normal round here anyway!!

But, I am back on track and if I do all my jobs today, I can have a real proper day off tomorrow, it is such a rare treat I can hardy remember what to do!!!  From 9am until 3pm I can sit and crochet, drink tea, read magazines, watch telly and not with an ounce of I must be quick here and get back to the jobs!!

I have a little list of household 'stuff' that I use to keep me on track, not very exciting I know, but useful, stops me having to think anyway!!

I have also started a new one of these...anyone know what it is?  I'm not telling you yet, I will show you a photo soon of the end result..

Oh, and just because I can, I have got this gorgeous little creation on the is for Little J and he is not that keen on the colours now he has seen them in the flesh, but he likes looking at pictures of it when finished!! Boys eh...a different species, I have no idea?!?

Oh and before I forget another cake I did for last weekend, these are becoming pretty popular and Little A has decided she would like one even though her birthday is months and months away!!

Now, I really must dash...ironing beckons me...I know how to live!!!!!



  1. I love those coastal colours they are some of my favourites. Hope you have a very lovely day tomorrow ~ Enjoy! :O)x

  2. Oh those household tasks do mount up don't they. I'm guessing that's a sourdough starter, I recognise those little bubbles. CJ xx

    1. Well spotted CJ, my last 2 went mouldy and the one before that had been going for about a year, but, never recovered after being frozen!! Poached eggs on sourdough is hard to beat xx

  3. I was thinking it was one of those friendship cake things that do the rounds, have forgotten what it's called. Look forward to seeing what is turns into lol

    1. Hi Jill, close it is a starter for making sourdough bread x


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