Friday, 17 October 2014

What's cooking

I don't know about you, but, I am a big fan of obviously helps with my job that I love to bake, but in general I am quite happy mooching about in my kitchen....sometimes I just want quick and simple and sometimes I like to make a fuss and do something a bit special...I love my slow cooker too, we have days when we need to eat at different times to my children, but I don't want to cook several meals, so a slo cooked curry, chilli, bolognaise make those days easy, also handy for days when we are out all day and just want to eat when we get in!!

So today it is stuffed peppers one large one each for me and hubby that I will serve with salad and fried potatoes.....

I make a lot of energy type bars, very little sugar, lots of seeds and dried fruit, they taste extra good dipped in dark chocolate......yummy..

 And we still have a few of these left over from Little A's party this week....

I am a big fan of Nigel Slater and I am currently reading this book..

It's on loan from the local library and sadly it must go back soon, so I will hurriedly copy down some of my favourite recipes.

I have been on a bit of a mission to come up with some new suppers as I get a bit fed up with the same old, same old and wanted to shake things up a bit, sometimes it works and everyone is happy and sometimes it doesn't!!  But it is fun trying out new things.....what is your fail safe tea that kids and adults alike love?  I would love to hear your ideas...


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Summer days out and beside the seaside............

Weren't we so lucky this year with the weather?  Glorious days out, picnics, wandering, sunbathing, sitting in the shade, going to the beach...the list goes on. So, here are a few snaps from those long sunny days, sadly now becoming a memory as the cold creeps back in.....

                                                  Local Lavender fields....smelt devine

                                                    Toms straight from the garden, warmed by the sun...nothing else needed

Pretty flowers above a pub in Brighton


Fabulous Stripey Legs

Mismatched china for an afternoon cuppa



Dunster Castle

Blue Anchor


Blue Anchor

Niki M Cakes......otherwise known as 'The Day Job'

I hope you don't mind, but I would like to share some cakey bakey goodies with you, all made by I have both my babies in school full time (how ever did that happen?) I really need to concentrate my efforts on my little cake business, spreading the word and the cakey to speak if you wanted to see more then please feel free to visit my website or come along and join the fun on my facebook page.....

Thank you lovelies xxxxx

Thursday, 2 October 2014

cuddles......I love 'em

Just sitting on the sofa with my two favourite people in the world....all snuggled together watching Ben and Holly :)

Absolutely love 'em xxxxx