Monday, 26 January 2015

January - what I am up to....

Hello everyone, how is January treating you? I don't get on with January so I am plodding through and looking froward to February with a vengeance, I want to do ballet and swimming in the daylight again, I want to get up in the daylight again...enough of these dark, grey cold months!!

My running is improving...I did three sets of 5 mins today with a short spell of walking between and then a nice yoga session when I got home...5 mins of running sounds pathetic when you say it out loud, but, when I first started I struggled with 1 minute!! Anyhow I am pleased with myself....

There was a cake sale a Little J's school, so I knocked up these little pretties for him...I didn't even bother to take a photo of the delights he bought home in return..ermmmmm.....

My crochet along is coming along nicely, I love making blankets, it is starting to get cosy now....

Lots of lovely slow cooker dinners, tonight it's spaghetti and meatballs. I made an baked the meatballs and then added them to my tomato pasta sauce and they will simmer away quite happily..I have left some out as the kids prefer them without the sauce...hey, their choice!!

An 18th Birthday cake left the Niki M Cakes kitchen at the weekend and this week there is loads of prep for next weeks cakes...better start advertising Valentines designs soon and I've already done my Easter ones! Get me!!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, that's how I feel today......catch up with all you lovelies soon


  1. I have never seen cakes as pretty as those at a school cake sale. Was there a huge flailing of arms to be first to buy them?

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes, no doubt your cakes are the most popular. I'm very impressed with your running, it's something I always think I should take up but never get around to. One day, one day... CJ xx

  3. Your blankets looking lovely Niki, it's a definite bonus when they keep you warm while you're crocheting isn't it ! Kate xx

  4. Lovely cupcakes, feeling a bit hungry now. Keep going on the running, your stamina will increase and those fabulous running shoes - love them. Wearing those must be a reason to keep running if nothing else! Have a great weekend.
    Jane xx


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