Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Crochet update.....

Hello again...

Just a few snaps to keep you up to date with crochet wips

The ripple for Little J is coming along nicely, just finished row 96, so over half way now....

This was going to be for me, but, Little A has decided she likes it and it matches her bedroom, so she will have this one and I will make myself a ripple!!

I always try to take a ball out when it is just me and the little people...

This little guy made a sneaky appearance one Sunday afternoon, cute eh?  You can find his pattern over here

See ya xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Your ripples blanket is really beautiful .... have a lovely week end !

  2. Looooove the ripples, I keep meaning to do one but it feels a bit daunting. I might ask for the coastal attic24 pack for my birthday, and try to finish it before my next birthday lol

    1. Thanks Jill, do one, you will be fine...if I can do it you can xx

  3. Cute Owl!! I made a few of those for charity a few months ago - they're so much fun to make!


  4. Busy lady - Lots of WIP! Love that owl! I've got a few going on now too. I should do a post just like this and share a few of mine!


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