Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Emotional mummy

Today was the first time that my little J did not want to go to school...he is completely full to bursting with nerves as he goes to visit his junior school that he will go to in September....they have a buddy system and he met his buddy yesterday and he was very excited, but, he woke during the night, full of tears and upset.....his infant school works very closely with the juniors and the schools are very close to each other.....but, heartwrenching is not the word!! Being a July baby he is one of the youngest in the year and I left him with one of the teachers this morning looking, small, scared and tearful......this being a mummy is such a hard job........


  1. Aw no! I can only imagine how heart wrenching that must feel - I hope he's feeling better now!!


  2. Aaagh that's the worst feeling in the world. Hope he settles in ok xxx

  3. Yes thank you, he has a few more transition sessions, I think we are over the worst x


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