Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Repairing the love......

Hello lovelies, I cannot believe it has been so long since I was last here...apologies...

The last two weeks have been mayhem with work, school, christmas, more work, more school, jogging, working out....housework, gosh mustn't forget the housework!!  Washing, laundry, ironing and on and on it goes in a never ending circle...It's not just me, so I shouldn't moan but oh how I wish I could wave Little A's magic wand and all the mundane chores were done!!  Here's hoping...

So my Little A loves her blanket, loves it a little too was my first blanket project, other than baby blankets, so I have to admit it is a bit hit and miss in places, so it didn't come as to big a surprise to see a little hole appear.....

So coffee pot at the ready a quick repair job was undertaken....

There all back to as good as new, maybe even better than new....who knows??

bye for now


  1. Hi Niki, good repair job on your blanket, it must have been loved a lot-always a reminder to us all to save a few strands for the odd repair.
    If you get that wand to work-send it to meeeeee too.
    Helen x

  2. Hello Helen, thank you, it does get a lot of love!! Unfortunately the wand is not working.....who can I complain to?!? xx

  3. I find that too about the housework, that it doesn't do itself. It must be an international phenomenon.

    1. Indeed Mise and it is totally unacceptable

  4. Oh I know what you mean about all of those things to be done, there's never enough time is there. I'm very impressed that jogging and working out is in there though. Not enough time for that here unfortunately... CJ xx

    1. CJ the jogging and working out are sometimes very very quick, but, I am pleased with myself for doing it and continuing when it is wet, cold and miserable out x


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