Thursday, 4 December 2014

Kitchen and cakes

Not only has it been a hectic week in general I have been fairly busy at work...I attended a brilliant Christmas Fair and had a great day, the sun was out, there were donkey rides, a fairground, Santa's grotto, an ice rink and fabulous selection of Christmas gifts and cakes for sale in the heated Marquee and good fun was had by are some of my photos....

Now we are well and truly into the cold winter days my slow cooker is on a is so lovely to pop something in with very little prep in the morning and then have a lovely hot meal later, especially on an evening when we are not all eating together.....

Chunky warming sup with homemade crusty bread

Chicken with ginger and garlic and peppers and coconut milk with loads of rice and naan bread

Meatballs with big bowls of steaming spaghetti


turning into this......

And, why not, it is Christmas after all............



  1. I've just unearthed my slow cooker this week too. I love the sound of the chicken dish with the coconut milk ~ is it your own recipe? :0) x

    1. Hi Jackie, it is one by Nigel Slater, just amended to suit what I happened to have in the cupboard!! Google chicken and coconut milk nigel slater and you will find it xx

    2. Thanks so much ~ I'm off to Google now :O)x

  2. It lifts my heart to see so many calories at once.

  3. Hi Niki, what a lovely craft fair-heated marquee too!, those cakes are amazing along with that delicious looking chicken, ginger and garlic creation-that had my name on it, I would love it.
    ------ just noticed the comment above-will look that one up, I even have coconut milk in the cupboard. Jackie too has good taste.
    Blogland is such an amazing place to share.
    Thanks Niki.

    1. Thanks Helen....It sounds lie you will be having that for dinner very soon, let me know what you think....a great blog for good food is The Quince Tree, great read too xx

  4. I'm with you on the slow cooker, mine is ready to go in the morning!


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