Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Do you want to know a secret?


Don't tell anybody, but look what I's hidden at the very top of my wardrobe.....can you tell what it is?

Shall I tell you?

Promise not to tell anyone....

It is the Coastal Ripple colour pack from the lovely Attic 24 shop over at Wool Warehouse...............

I am starting a CAL (crochet a long) in January with a friend.....she is a beginner, so we are aiming to make it in 3 months.........feel free to join in if you wish...this blanket will be for Little J when it is finished and then I will move on to another ripple for Little A, whilst completing my greanny square blankets...they are so much easier to just pop into your bag when you nip out!!

But ssshhhhhh it's a secret :)



  1. What a lovely secret to have! I love that Coastal Ripple blanket and it is definitely one that is on my never ending to do list :O)x

  2. Oh well done you, very exciting and a lovely stash hidden, was it Merry Christmas tooooo meeeeeeee! Love it


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