Monday, 1 September 2014


Hello everyone, sorry it has been so looks like a laptop purchase is being made this week......then I can bombard you with photos....days out, holidays, crochet, cakes....the list is endless.

Today welcomes September, a lovely time of year, bright sunshine if we are lucky, but, with a quickening crispness in the air....little J starts junior school on Wednesday, so I am starting to feel him change his mood, not so carefree, a bit more serious, a bit more sensitive, a bit more easily upset, a little bit reserved...
Little A starts reception next week, she, on the other hand cannot wait...bring it on she says!!!

 So, all this will take some time to adjust the end of the month we should all be sorted into new routines and I will of had a good clean up following a summer of fun and not much thought to housework!!!

September is certainly all about change and not just the will be new to me to not have any little ones at home, clinging to my leg, asking constant questions, sticky cuddles, chatter, mess, toys, I will have a few extra hours, more organised housework, workouts, crochet breaks, but, more importantly I can really throw myself into growing my little cake business and make some pennies for little treats with my two ever growing babies (not forgetting the big baby - hubby!)

So when I return it will be in full technicolour.....hopefully it won't take me too long to get the hang of the new laptop!!!

Bye lovelies xxxxxxxx

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