Thursday, 18 September 2014

Summer recap - lazy London Days

I have so many photos I won't witter on with too much text, otherwise you'll tune out in complete boredom!!  So here are some lovely days we spent up in 'The Big Smoke'...

Coffee, crochet and loom band rest break...

Southwark Cathedral

Borough Market, a feast for all the senses...

Croissant break.....

I hope you like my London scenes, mainly Southwark as I just love that area and a walk down the Thames there so pleasant, away from the hustle and the bustle of the West visit not until the Christmas Hols, but roll on a sunny, bright, fresh morning and you will find us wandering there again, eating croissants and drinking coffee...(me drinking coffee not my kids!!)


  1. I love those book benches! Great pictures - glad you got your laptop all sorted out!


    1. They are fab aren't they? There were loads of them scattered over idea where, we just happened across them on our travels....loving my laptop!!


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