Thursday, 24 April 2014


Ok, the day has arrived and I am very is my birthday on friday and I decided to treat myself to a lovely new dress.  I have had my eye on several dresses from The Pretty Dress Company for some time now and the other day I decided to go and have another mooch around their website I discovered an almost 50% sale, well this was too good to be true so I browsed and browsed and found three gorgeous dresses that I knew I would struggle not to have in my life and after checking sizes it was narrowed down to 1 delightful dress....hubby also found a discount voucher online so this bought the price right card at the ready and it was done, then all I had to do was sit tight and wait for the parcel to arrive.......and today it has arrived the box is in my hands as we speak, but I will wait until later as I need to try it without make up, deodorant or perfume on , just in case I have to return you want to have a sneak peak? do you? do you?  just a little one?  ok then, here goes.......

 GOOD fits.....yippeeeeeeeee xxx

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