Wednesday, 9 April 2014

At last...................

So, here we are at last with photos!!

My spring bulbs on my little outside coffee table......

My lovely bright striped ripple, I am so pleased I finally got the hang of this pattern, it is so relaxing. There will definitely be more to come :) I'm not sure my friend's baby will sleep it is so bright!!

I am a bit addicted to working out and this little pile is how I do it....they really work for me and the trainers make a workout great fun, honest!! Give them a whirl, I know you will like them....

Sometimes I take some time out with just one of my little ones, this time it was little J and he chose the playground followed by the cafe and then a ride home on the bus, so after an age of swinging, sliding, climbing and running, we settled ourselves in the cafe for a spot of refuelling and crafting....
Granny squares for me...

A giant pompom for him...(and a giant jaffa cake)

We also managed a nice cheeky family lunch out...where super pictures were created and crispy pizza eaten...

Also....cupcake bouquets

Pregnant tummy cupcakes....(carrot cake)

Casino themed celebration cake.....(deep coffee Madeira)

Now we are halfway through the first week of the holidays and a rhythm has been settled into, mostly relaxed, spur of the moment bits, with a few planned necessities!! Easter baskets have been made, crochet has been almost completed and coffee is being, enjoy your break and I'll be back soon.


  1. I've just popped over from Heathers blog. Love your super bright ripple. Pin wanting to do one myself but no ideas yet of colour scheme. What size did you do?

    1. Hello and thank you :) it is about 2 feet's for a baby. Picking colours is tricky, my next one is either sea colours or pink and purple , keep me posted x

  2. Your ripple looks so bright and fun!! But I have to admit, I have been mostly admiring your cupcake bouquet... Looks divine! :)

    Debbie x

    1. Thanks, cupcake bouquets make great gifts xx


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