Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring has sprung (part 1)

Having returned from the second school run of the day, here I am, all ready to bombard you with photos.....and technical difficulties abound :( so, it will be a quick catch up and photos in part 2!!

Sniffles and sneezes have plagued me, but,  back on it, working out, enjoying Spring, having family fun and baking......for work and fun.

The kids have a blackboard and they write things up on it that they want to do at the weekends, there is always baking and hama beads!! It's a good idea...

I'm actually just catching up with Barefoot Contessa.  I just love her recipes.

I have completed a bright baby ripple blanket, photo to follow, I am sooooo pleased with it :)

T had a day off midweek so we snuck to the local coffee shop for sustenance, nice just to sit and watch the world go by with him..we've always loved to sit in a cafe and people watch, talk about hopes and dreams, just sit and read, happy in the silence or the chatter - special times.

Thanks for dropping in part 2


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