Saturday, 1 March 2014

A busy busy week!!

After a fairly hectic half term, I have had an even busier first week back at more slow lazy starts, tea and telly in bed, no, it's up out and at's left me feeling a bit frazzled to tell the truth...working out has gone out the window and a sense of out of sorts has descended...

But, there have been some smiley face moments...runny poached eggs....hama bead designing, a full fruit bowl, tete a tetes, happy running.......quiet sitting...

A completed flower brooch...

My little A's blanket wip, colours chosen by the young lady herself no less

My little J' s who, again he has chosen his colours...

I've also squeezed in some work....

And I've indulged in my favourite hazelnut coffee, strong and black...Just the ticket.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we'll catch up again soon xxxxxxxxx


  1. So fun to see you here and blogging, Niki! Yay! I love those ladybug (ladybird, you guys call them?) cupcakes! So cute!

    I have no patience for any sort of needle work; I'm very impressed with yours! And you just started doing it not long ago? Wow!


    1. Thanks for stopping by...yes we say ladybirds :) loving crochet now I have finally cracked it xx


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