Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Half Term Hijinks

When you get to half term it really does feel like Summer has ended and Winter is arriving at full blast, so, it was a lovely surprise to have a couple of days of glorious sunshine during the last week of October, as luck would have it we were visiting the seaside, so playing on the beech and ice creams at the end of October...mad I know!!

A few days on the South Coast was just a delight....laughter, fun, food, browsing, crocheting (is that a word??) and just having a nice bit of family time.....

  We were at Paulton's Park and soaking, so why not?  That big slide is really high and really steep and I was really scared..............

 Thankfully the little guys were well prepared for wet weather.

The next day the sun was shinging.....

Starting join grannie squares

Some Hallowe'en baking...those spiders really creep me out!!

My gorgeous 10" round, deep chocolate cake with handmade, edible Peppa style decoration...

This is my cute little turtle in progress, you will see him in his final home next week.

So that is it for another few weeks, kids are back at school, I have a sore throat and a mountain of ironing to do and a lot of work to plan/organise over the next few weeks.....the big countdown has begun and before I have had time to blink the big guy in the red suit and white beard will be visiting....bring it on, I am ready to snuggle, get the woollies out and wrap up warm.

Enjoy your day lovelies


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful week. I'd have been screaming on that big slide, I'm sure. Brilliant Hallowe'en cakes, and you're right, those spiders are scarily realistic.

  2. Hello Niki, what a pleasure to meet you via this bloggy land of discoveries.
    You had a wonderful half term with your little ones, the beach huts are just wonderful aren't they, would love to own one, lock the door, kettle on, crochet away.
    My word your cakes are amazing-I read and re-read the Pepper pig photo with caption-you seriously made that? Absolutely incredible, but that is in essence your wonderful job-impressive Niki indeed.
    Love your crochet makes, your ripple blanket is beautiful.
    Look forward to reading your posts.
    P.S Turtle is too cute!

    1. Hello and welcome Helen. Thank you for your lovely comments about my cakes. Yep all my own work, so glad to of found a job which is great!! The beech huts are fab, totally with you on that one!! Look forward to getting to know you xx

  3. My son has left one in the bathroom...yuk!! It was definitely a scream worthy slide ;-) x

  4. I know what you mean, it seems like since half term ended we are racing towards winter and Christmas. I too have been working through a long to do list - it must be the time of year! Your half term break sounds fantastic. x

  5. The run-up to Christmas is such a busy time, how lovely you were able to get away in half term - looks like you had a great week. Your granny squares are really pretty and those cakes look fantastic. Have a great weekend xx

  6. Love this post, all that fun and talent captured very nicely! Can't wait to see those crochet squares and that gorgeous little turtle!! :)



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