Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A busy week with not a lot to show!!

Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by..This past week has been one big blur of activity, but, as is often the way, I don't have a lot to show for it....back to school, mountains of laundry, housework, rain....none of which make for exciting photos an then when there is an exciting photo opportunity the moment passes and then I think "oh drat, I wish I had snapped that!!" so here are a few snaps summing up another week in my household  xx

Don't you just it when a little parcel arrives with your name on and to start with you wonder what it is and then it dawns on you that it was the giveaway you won...yipeee, happy days, happy me....
A big thanks to Jane at Flowerhouse. I love the wool, it will be the edging of a new blanket that is being planned, the seeds has been given to T to sow and plant with Little J & A and the teabags are most definitely mine!!

Bubble and squeak and fried egg for lunch...left over veg from Sundays Roast and sad little rasher of bacon from Sunday breakfast cooked in the frying pan that I had just made my curry paste in (I couldn't be bothered to wash it knowing I was using it again)  It didn't taste of curry but had a nice bit of chilly heat in the background....washed down with a large mug of tea....yummy

Remember I showed you my little turtle last week? Well this was him in his new home....

Recipe testing red velvet cupcakes...making a debut at a Christmas Fayre very soon...

Some pretty flowers...loving the colours, reminding me of a stripey blanket that I am working on...last 2 rows of edging....Ta DAhhhhhhh imminent, but first I have sugarpaste rainbows to make....anyone guess what this weeks cake is ??

So, this week I will be more vigilant and take a few more exciting pics and be back to you lovelies soon


  1. Hi Niki, congratulations on your giveaway present-scrumptious wool!.
    Your cake is amazing, very cute turtle and flawless finish to your creation.
    Yes please to a cupcake-they look fabby.
    Have a lovely week, take a few snaps to share.

  2. Oh, that bubble and squeak with a fried egg on top looks amazing. I know what I want to lunch tomorrow! x


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