Tuesday, 6 May 2014


I was busy at work Saturday when I downed tools ( being my own boss helps!), grabbed hubby and the little people and headed over to the High Street for some bits and bob's and a cafe stop....at the library there is a little cafe with a garden and water fountain...we sat outside enjoying the sunshine, Little J and A were happily playing in the grass and I was getting stuck into the magazine that comes with the Saturday Telegraph, when out of nowhere my throat felt all scratchy, sandpapery, horrid :(

We continued with our jobs, went home, had lunch....back to work, feeling yuck....finally I got my whopping cake completed, gave in and decamped to the sofa and barring a couple of trips out for fresh air, I have remained....I did sit out in the garden, all wrapped up with a pot of coffee and my bag of crochet....so for the time being this is me....

Sofa, crochet, tea, tissues.......


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