Saturday, 7 March 2015

What's been caking....

Hello lovelies, just a little sneaky peak of the cakes that have gone out the past couple of weeks.....these have been great fun xxx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Crochet update.....

Hello again...

Just a few snaps to keep you up to date with crochet wips

The ripple for Little J is coming along nicely, just finished row 96, so over half way now....

This was going to be for me, but, Little A has decided she likes it and it matches her bedroom, so she will have this one and I will make myself a ripple!!

I always try to take a ball out when it is just me and the little people...

This little guy made a sneaky appearance one Sunday afternoon, cute eh?  You can find his pattern over here

See ya xxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 23 February 2015

Is it nearly Spring yet?

I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since I was here last.......the time is flying by at supersonic rate this year...but in saying that I am well and truly over January and the doldrums, that's me...

I haven't had much opportunity to take snaps, grey days don't make for great photos...I've been here and there and done this and that but nothing monumental that is worth sharing....well I'll let you decide how you feel about that if you make it to the end of this post!!!!  So, here's what's been on my phone so far....

So, I've had lots of coffee, looked at cute flowers, received a fab book for Valentine's, made bread and wrapped up warm with the little people....

Next time I promise I will of managed to do something really exciting!!!!

Friday, 30 January 2015

More bits and bobs......


Just a few photos of bits and bobs that I have been snapping in January....

Valentine's designs

Lots of tea drinking..........

Ham, melted cheese and slow roasted red onions with French's mustard

Orange sweet buns...(warm with poached egg, streaky bacon and maple syrup for breakfast is the BEST)

Slow roast veg to cheer up some couscous, I'm really trying hard to love like that stuff

Ripples and ripples and ripples.................

Monday, 26 January 2015

January - what I am up to....

Hello everyone, how is January treating you? I don't get on with January so I am plodding through and looking froward to February with a vengeance, I want to do ballet and swimming in the daylight again, I want to get up in the daylight again...enough of these dark, grey cold months!!

My running is improving...I did three sets of 5 mins today with a short spell of walking between and then a nice yoga session when I got home...5 mins of running sounds pathetic when you say it out loud, but, when I first started I struggled with 1 minute!! Anyhow I am pleased with myself....

There was a cake sale a Little J's school, so I knocked up these little pretties for him...I didn't even bother to take a photo of the delights he bought home in return..ermmmmm.....

My crochet along is coming along nicely, I love making blankets, it is starting to get cosy now....

Lots of lovely slow cooker dinners, tonight it's spaghetti and meatballs. I made an baked the meatballs and then added them to my tomato pasta sauce and they will simmer away quite happily..I have left some out as the kids prefer them without the sauce...hey, their choice!!

An 18th Birthday cake left the Niki M Cakes kitchen at the weekend and this week there is loads of prep for next weeks cakes...better start advertising Valentines designs soon and I've already done my Easter ones! Get me!!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, that's how I feel today......catch up with all you lovelies soon

Monday, 19 January 2015


Hello Lovelies

I hop you are all well and enjoying better weather than we are here?? Rain, wind, rain, get the picture...does not make for pleasant school runs, if there is such a thing..

Anyway I just wanted to show you my poncho!!  I love it, love it, love was really quick and easy to make....I wish I had not used a bigger hook for the neck as I would of preferred it tighter, but, all in all I am chuffed...want to have a look then?

That last picture doesn't really do it's colours justice, but the light here is awful, but I am sure you get the idea and you will no doubt see me wearing it about the place soon....I have done quite a lot more rows than the pattern suggests, just because I like my poncho's longer..that's just the way I roll!!!!

Bye for now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bits and bobs are you all?  January is trying it's hardest to beat me, but, I am fighting back.....I don't know about you, but I seem to be all behind, what with a mad busy December, Christmas, New Year, Husband and kids off cleaning routine fell by the wayside and I have struggled to get back into 'normal' mode, whatever counts as normal round here anyway!!

But, I am back on track and if I do all my jobs today, I can have a real proper day off tomorrow, it is such a rare treat I can hardy remember what to do!!!  From 9am until 3pm I can sit and crochet, drink tea, read magazines, watch telly and not with an ounce of I must be quick here and get back to the jobs!!

I have a little list of household 'stuff' that I use to keep me on track, not very exciting I know, but useful, stops me having to think anyway!!

I have also started a new one of these...anyone know what it is?  I'm not telling you yet, I will show you a photo soon of the end result..

Oh, and just because I can, I have got this gorgeous little creation on the is for Little J and he is not that keen on the colours now he has seen them in the flesh, but he likes looking at pictures of it when finished!! Boys eh...a different species, I have no idea?!?

Oh and before I forget another cake I did for last weekend, these are becoming pretty popular and Little A has decided she would like one even though her birthday is months and months away!!

Now, I really must dash...ironing beckons me...I know how to live!!!!!